‘SEL DE MER’  – a bag with beach vibe

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This tote bag is made from 100% organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly permaset aqua ink, 100% solvent free.

Designed by une touche de mer from scratch and sewed by Maryam Kazemi, Muzit Tekia Redi and Sawsan Mohamed from Wereldwijven (

Une touche de mer printed this tote bag by hand, using vintage wooden letterpress. As a result every tote bag has a unique handmade print and an authentic personal touch (there may be minor differences in the tote bag as shown).

The fabric has been washed several times before it became a tote bag. This gives a special raw touch and structure to the fabric. It reminds you of the salty feel of the ocean, a summer sea breeze and the structure of the sand.

technical info: 2 inner pockets – 35 cm x 42 cm – length handles 52 cm – if absolutely necessary the bag can be washed by hand (be aware that it will wrinkle and shrink a little bit) – une touche de mer thinks it is better to let the bag show his life experience.


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